User Terms and Conditions

This agreement has been released on May, 23rd, 2017

Fun Guide and the “user” both agree to the conditions listed below:

A) Upon clicking the “Registration” button of Fun Guide, agreeing to the terms listed on the registration page, and completing the registration process, the user and Fun Guide will have agreed to the terms of this “Fun Guide User Agreement,” whereupon the user has rights within the platform to read content, use any vouchers provided, and engage in consumer transactions. At this time, the user and Fun Guide will have reached an agreement to the conditions listed below.

B) Fun Guide and the user have both carefully read this “Fun Guide User Agreement” (hereinafter known as “the agreement”), all terms (critical terms are marked in BOLD as being of major interest to users) and Fun Guide’s terms of service content and operating rules. This agreement and its terms of service, as well as all aforementioned rules, are known, understood and accepted, and agreed upon as a basis to determine the rights and obligations of both parties.

1. Defining terms:

1.1 "Fun Guide,“ also known as 北京掌星科技有限公司, is operated and managed as a network trading platform, providing network trading services, content management, and voucher distribution services for businesses and to consumers. Hereinafter within this agreement, “Fun Guide” not only refers to the network trading services, content management, and voucher services platform (“Fun Guide” APP in iOS and Android platform) but also refers to products provided by 北京掌星科技有限公司.

1.2 “User”: is known to accept and agree to all the terms of this Agreement and all other terms of service and operating rules issued by Fun Guide, through which consumer transactions are carried out by registered members of the Fun Guide platform.

1.3 “Merchant”: indicates business with rights to sell “Fun Guide” goods and service information via Fun Guide to people, legal persons, and other organizations to the user.

2. User Registration

2.1 Registration qualification

User obligation: The user has authority and civil rights within their capacity, or authority and civil rights not within their capacity but through legal representative consent via proxy, to register to use Fun Guide’s application services.

2.2 Registration purpose

User obligation: The user is not registered for using Fun Guide App for use of violation of laws and regulations of the city or country the app has relevance in nor purposes to damage or negatively affect trade orders within the platform.

2.3 Registration process:

2.3.1 The user agrees to provide a valid mobile phone number in accordance with the requirements of Fun Guide’s user registration page, set a password for the relevant phone number provided, and the user is to ensure that all information provided is authentic and accurate.

2.3.2 User legality: The user agrees to provide legitimate, complete, and currently effective information required via registration. Through registration, the user shall have the right to obtain an account and password via Fun Guide, and be a member of Fun Guide to sign-in upon confirmation, and in the future.

2.3.3 The user, upon successfully completing the registration process, agrees to receive and transmit information within the Fun Guide platform, including actions and operations involving e-mail and SMS.


3. Customer Service

Fun Guide users, via the network online trading services and functions, agree that the platform is provided as a free service to the user, but Fun Guide reserves the right to charge service fees through the online trading platform for services provided therein.

3.1 Services

3.1.1 Users have the right to information regarding Fun Guide’s goods and services, and pay for goods and services as indicated. Merchants have the right to obtain orders of goods and services, to receive payment for goods and services provided, and to obtain the users’ electronic credentials in order to complete orders.

3.1.2 Users have the right to view information regarding their membership account with Fun Guide, and the right to use any functions provided by Fun Guide to operate the platform.

3.1.3 Users have the right to participate in Fun Guide’s internet activities and/or promotions in accordance with the regulations that Fun Guide provides.

3.1.4 Fun Guide also agrees to provide users with other services.

3.2 Service Rules

The user agrees to Fun Guides rules of service to be listed below:

3.2.1 The user shall abide by the laws, regulations, regulative documents and regulations policy of the country and city the app is applied for, may not use Fun Guide’s services for illegal use or infringe on the rights of third parties, nor participate in actions that negatively impact Fun Guide’s activities, such as sending or receiving illegal messages or documents in violation of public order and morals, messages in violation of the rights of others, or to sell and/or obtain hazardous materials, information, or statements, or to use fake e-mail/contact information, etc. without the knowledge of Fun Guide.

3.2.2 Users are to abide by laws and regulations of the country they are in, and should take care and caution to keep their user account number and password in privacy to prevent fraudulent use. If a Fun Guide account is found to be used without its owner’s authorization, or via the presence of third parties a security issue is discovered, users are to immediately notify Fun Guide to suspend the user Fun Guide account, along with a report to the necessary authorities. Fun Guide is entitled to a reasonable time in order to accommodate the user’s request for account suspension, but Fun Guide takes no responsibility for losses suffered by the user before account suspension is completed. Without the consent of Fun Guide, users may not grant, loan, lease, transfer or dispose their Fun Guide account to any other person/party.

3.2.3 The user of Fun Guide’s transaction platform shall agree to comply to the rules of trade and other provisions within the country of use and all terms of service provided herein.

3.2.4 Users that evaluate Fun Guide’s goods and services agree to accurately evaluate according to the practical situation.

3.2.5 Users that participate in sweepstakes, promotions, and other activities shall comply within the rules that Fun Guide issues as per event provided.

3.2.6 Users agree to follow any future conditions that Fun Guide provides in addendum to this user agreement.

4. Rules of Trade

Upon using the Fun Guide trading platform, users agree to comply with the Rules of Trade listed.

4.1 Information browsing Fun Guide users that browse for merchandise information and/or services should read all of the information contained carefully, including, but not limited to: the name of the good(s)/service, the type, quantity, price, expiration date, business address, delivery service operating hours, available delivery methods, return/refund policies, after-sale services, and other details —users should pay particular attention to the good(s)/services’ validity and refund conditions. The user accepts responsibility for knowledge of the entire content(s) contained within the purchase.

4.2 Submitting and confirming orders

4.2.1 Users should carefully read the entire contents of the page in the order, including, but not limited to, all of the content information, content validity, and refund processes. As the user is prompted to confirm the order (if available), pay attention to re-confirm the purchase quantity, price, total amount payable, and be prepared to receive proof of purchase electronically with a goods-receivable delivery address, delivery time, and other relevant content. The content listed in [section 4, article 4.2.1] constitutes a contract between the user and the merchant in which the user agrees with the entire content(s) of the order.

4.2.2 Upon confirmation of the order, after reading the entire content of the order and payment, the user agrees that he/she is aware of the order, agrees with and accepts all contents within the order, and agrees to the setup of a business contract. The entire content(s) within the order shall be included in the contract, including, but not limited to, product/service name, type, quantity, quality, price, expiry date, business address, delivery service operating hours and methods of return, refund conditions, after-sales service. Users and merchants shall fulfil their respective rights and obligations as agreed in the preceding contract.

4.3 Payment

After confirming the contract, the user should complete the payment according to the price listed on the mobile payment platform, based on the prompted payment page. Fun Guide accepts the transaction based on the price charged to the user, and the user accepts to pay Fun Guide. Completion of payment is deemed to be completed to the merchant as under obligation of the contract. Users cannot request merchants to provide any good(s)/services before the payment listed within the contract.

4.4 Returns/Refund Policy

Upon successful completion of a transaction by the user, refunds will only be issued in the circumstance(s) listed below:

4.4.1 One or all of the following circumstances, in which the user is entitled to claim a refund from Fun Guide on behalf of merchants. Upon verification by Fun Guide, due to force majeure or other business reasons resulting in the merchant being unable to provide goods/services to the user after payment is completed. Due to situations where the contents of the contract are modified, and the user does not accept the changes after payment is completed.

4.4.2 If the user has received and used or consumed the good(s)/services provided by merchants, and requests or requires the merchant and/or Fun Guide to refund payment, both Fun Guide and associated merchants reserve the right to refuse refunds. However, if the content of good(s)/services of the contract contain serious discrepancies, other serious quality issues and problems, or are in violations of the “People’s Republic of China Food Safety Law” 《中华人民共和国食品安全法》, “Regulations Implementation of the People’s Republic of China Food Safety Law” 《中华人民共和国食品安全法实施条例》, “Food Service/Food Safety Supervision and Management Measures” 《餐饮服务食品安全监督管理办法》, “People’s Republic of China Consumer Protection Law” 《中华人民共和国消费者权益保护法》, and other laws and regulations within the country or city in which the user transacts using Fun Guide’s platform, the user can request returns and/or refunds.

4.4.3 According to the agreement, users have the right to request a refund. Where a user would like to request a refund of a purchase within the period of validity, whether and how the refund shall be reimbursed shall be determined by the contract. According to the agreement, users have the right to request a refund. Users are to follow the refund policy, as stated by Fun Guide as a representative of the merchant for refunds, in which case the user releases all rights of requesting refunds from the merchant. Fun Guide is entitled to retain and handle these payments.

4.4.4 Users that have successfully carried out transactions, while within the conditions of [section 4, article 4.4.2] or where the user has not used the product yet would like a refund, the user may request a refund. Fun Guide, after review, will refund charges processed within 3 to 10 working days to the user’s contracted bank or payment system account via the payment process the user applied to process the transaction. If the user’s transaction is over 5000 RMB, it is classified as a “large payment”, in which case Fun Guide will provide a refund within 60 days to the user’s contracted bank or payment system account via the payment process the user applied to process the transaction. Except for goods and services listed below: Used and/or consumed goods with no sufficient evidence to prove defects or damage provided by the merchant or, in the case of vouchers, no sufficient evidence or inconsistencies that the commitment listed within the voucher. Goods that have submitted a refund application, but that have been returned before the refund application process is completed (goods that are to be transported) Goods that are not used as the merchant suggested and goods that are not stored or handled as listed, which have been damaged or ruined due to this. Goods or services which Fun Guide clearly marked as Not Refundable at any time, are not eligible for refunds, or any definition therein.

4.4.5 Other circumstances which require a refund will be refunded according to the conditions of the contract.

4.4.6 During the refund process, the user shall comply within the provisions on Fun Guide’s Terms of Service and operating rules.

4.4.7 Changing and Refunding Policy of Alcohol: Exchange and Refund Policy regarding alcohol: Alcohol purchased via the Fun Guide mobile application is not eligible for exchanges or refunds with the exception of products incorrectly sent, or due to quality. Check and Sign Please check all the information regarding alcohol upon receiving, i.e.: name, quantity, price, expiration date, etc. Products will neither be exchanged nor refunded upon the signature of reception, except for those products declared by the user to have quality issues as noted via reference of the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine of the People’s Republic of China (AQSIQ). If there are any issues with the quantity, specification, or any damage of the package and/or product the user finds unacceptable, then the user has the right to refuse to accept the product. Delivery Area In order to ensure the quality and freshness of all products (including but not limited to: alcohol, beer, and other noted products) all deliveries are limited to within the Beijing Administrative Areas. Changing and Refunding Policy of Food Please check the product(s) and the expiration date(s) carefully when you receive any food ordered from Fun Guide. If the product doesn’t meet your requirement or the package is damaged, the user has the right to refuse receipt of the product. Products received and signed for are not eligible for exchanges or refunds, except those products that are declared to have quality problems by the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine of the People's Republic of China(AQSIQ).

4.5 Dispute Resolution Terms & Conditions

If disputes arise between the user and the merchant, including but not limited to disputes over the number of good(s)/services, quality, price, expiry date, business address, delivery methods, return/refund terms and conditions, service, and/or other problems occur, the user should, according to the contract with the merchant and respective of both parties rights and obligations, assume their share of responsibility to resolve the dispute. Fun Guide can provide assistance to the user in regards to consultation and mediation of disputes between both parties.


5. User Rights & Obligations

5.1 The user has the right to accept the use of Fun Guide’s transaction platform, according to the user agreement.

5.2 Users have the right to request a formal invoice for goods/services (发票), proof of purchase, service documents, and/or other proof of payment which is to be asked for at the time of the transaction. In the case of disputes, the payment amount listed on the invoice shall prevail.

5.3 During the use of goods and services, users that find issues with the content of the order, quality issues, service issues, and other problems should address it with the merchant or use other methods to resolve the issue. For users, Fun Guide can provide merchant registration and actively help users and merchants resolve their dispute.

5.4 The user reserves the right to terminate the use of services provided by Fun Guide.

5.5 The user agrees to ensure that, during the submission of order(s), his/her name, address, contact information, etc. at the time of registration is correct, complete, and accurate. If/when changes occur necessitating the need to update the information, users should provide it to Fun Guide in a timely manner.

5.6 During Fun Guide transactions, users agree not to commit any malicious interference or sabotage/interrupt/damage the Fun Guide order process.

5.7 Users agree not to interfere with the normal operation of Fun Guide nor interfere with other users of Fun Guide, technical or otherwise.

5.8 Users are not permitted to commit fraud or any act of libel on the Fun Guide platform.

5.9 The user of the Fun Guide platform agrees to use the platform as a consumer platform, and the Fun Guide platform is not to be used for the purposes of resale or any other commercial purposes.

5.10 Upon confirmation of payment, users must be prepared to receive the amount of cargo ordered.

5.11 Users are not to provide fake or inaccurate reviews of goods or services on the Fun Guide platform.

6. Fun Guide’s Rights and Obligations

6.1 If the user, according to the conditions listed in the agreement, is not qualified for registration, Fun Guide reserves the right to refuse the registration of the user. Registered users of Fun guide reserve the right to cancel their registration. Therefore, in the case of any losses or damages incurred to Fun Guide due to registration cancellation, Fun Guide reserves the right to use legal representation to claim compensation.

6.2 If the user of the account is found not to be the user registered to Fun Guide during the initial registration process, Fun Guide reserves the right to suspend the account.

6.3 Fun Guide, if through technical inspections, testing, sampling and other methods reasonably suspects information provided by the user is wrong, inaccurate, incomplete, or invalid, reserves the right to contact the user to update or correct the information provided, and, if necessary, to suspend or terminate the account of the user.

6.4 Fun Guide reserves the right to any information found in the Fun Guide system, and in the case of obvious errors, to show the error and provide corrections to the user.

6.4 Fun Guide有权查看Fun Guide系统中的任何信息,如果发现明显的错误,应向用户指出错误并提供纠正方法。

6.5 Before the user payment is completed, Fun Guide is entitled by the merchant to make changes to the order, after which time, if the user accepts the change, the user can confirm the order and payment. If the user does not accept the change(s), the user may then cancel the order. If, after payment is completed, merchants need to change the order, Fun Guide reserves the right to make changes. If the order is accepted by the user, then the order shall be completed as such. If the order is not accepted by the user, the user has the right to cancel the order and receive a full refund from Fun Guide on behalf of the merchant.

6.6 Fun Guide reserves the right to modify, suspend or terminate Fun Guide services. Fun Guide will abide by the country’s relevant laws and regulations in notifying the user.

6.7 Fun Guide shall take any technology and management measures necessary in order to provide normal operations of the Fun Guide platform, and provide a required reliable trading environment for trading services in order to maintain a proper trade sequence.

6.8 If the user does not use their Fun Guide account within one year of signing in to their Fun Guide account, Fun Guide reserves the right to cancel the user’s account.

6.9 Fun Guide, during the execution and, if necessary, termination of this agreement, has the right to retain the user’s registration and transaction information during the period of service, with the exception of illegal usage of such information.

6.10 Fun Guide reserves the right to, at any time, remove any information or documentation that does not comply with national laws and regulations, including any user comments or evaluations. Fun Guide reserves the right to execute these actions at any time without notifying the user in advance.


7. User Information

7.1 In compliance with the laws and regulations of the land, and in order to provide quality and convenient services to users, when a user account is registered to Fun Guide, or visiting the application and it’s corresponding website, Fun Guide may log the following information or collect the following user actions:

7.1.1 When using a registered account and using the Fun Guide services provided, in order to confirm the user’s identity, Fun Guide may require the user to provide some personal information (including, but not limited to: name, identification, address, phone number, e-mail address, and other information related to more detailed information to provide services [such as your city and state/province, zip code, etc.])

7.1.2 When linked accounts such as bank user accounts and other payment method information are used, in which the user needs to provide account information for the relevant bank or payment method being used;

7.1.3 Facilitating users during queries as to the status of transactions or their transaction history, where Fun Guide saves the user-generated transaction information;

7.1.4 To effectively identify the user’s identity, in order to adequately protect the security of the user account, when the user accesses the mobile application and its associated products; Fun Guide may record information about any user action(s), including but not limited to the user’s computer IP address, device identifiers, hardware model, system versions, the user’s location, and any logging information in relation to services provided by Fun Guide.

7.1.5 In addition to the information listed above, Fun Guide may also, within reason, in order to provide services and to improve service quality, need to collect additional information about users, including questionnaires, evaluations, contact via Fun Guide’s customer service team, and other relevant contact with the user in order to collect information relevant to the services therein. At the same time, in order to improve user safety of the product provided, prevent fraudulent phishing sites, Trojan viruses and/or risky URL’s that may cause risk to user accounts, Fun Guide may need to use other commonly used software tools to determine risks to user accounts and records within the Fun Guide service.

7.2 To protect user information Fun Guide has been, and will continue to take, all reasonable physical, electronic, and managerial security measures necessary to protect user information, including measures to prevent the leakage, damage or loss of any data that is stored, can be accessed, and data centre control.

7.3 In compliance with the laws of the land, to provide customer service and to enhance the quality of service, the user information from Fun Guide’s platform(s) shall be used for the following purposes:

7.3.1 To provide users with Fun Guide service and customer service, and to maintain and improve these services.

7.3.2 Comparison of the accuracy of information, and through third-party verification. For example, the identity information and authentication services submitted through Fun Guide’s services for validation.

7.3.3 To make the user aware of their own situation using the Fun Guide service or to allow the user to better understand the Fun Guide service, where service status notifications are sent to the user, marketing campaigns, and/or other commercial electronic messages.

7.3.4 For Fun Guide user identification data carrying out comprehensive statistical analysis and processing, as well as rewards programs that would allow the user to have a larger circle to use the Fun Guide platform; for example, Fun Guide New User Registration may use statistics for a certain period to provide exclusive promotions to these new users.

7.3.5 Prevention and/or suppression of illegal activities.

7.3.6 Other uses based on the user’s permission.


8. Special Statement

8.1 The user is not to conduct any form of trade with the merchant that does not have any connection with Fun Guide and its respective properties. Fun Guide does not assume any responsibility with such trade practices, and the user will be unable to claim any responsibility to Fun Guide for any controversy or complaints that result from such practices. An example of such a practice is included as, but not limited to where the user arranges a transaction form through Fun Guide, and also sets up the same transaction form with the merchant, yet does not go through the Fun Guide payment system to complete the transaction.

8.2 Fun Guide does not accept responsibility for delays in service or services being unable to be provided due to: information equipment/network maintenance, information network-connection failures, computer, communications, or other system failures, power failures, strikes, labour disputes, riots, insurrection, insufficient product data, fires, floods, storms, explosions, war, governmental action, judicial and administrative directives, force majeure, or as a result of third-party delays.

8.3 Cheating or situations arising from disruption of trade

8.3.1 Unless otherwise specified in the rules of the activity and/or promotion within each event (including, but not limited to, promotional activities, quick/flash-sale promotions, sweepstakes, etc.), each user can only win 1 (one) time. Any method to determine that the user has the same phone, same contact, same IP address, same Fun Guide account, same identity, same bank card number, same delivery address, same landline phone, or other terminal equipment that can be reasonably displayed as the same user situation, are all regarded as the same user.

8.3.2 During the event, if it is discovered that, through improper means (including, but not limited to, violations of the legal rights of a third party, cheating, disruption of the event/promotion system, carrying out network attacks, malicious exchanges or investments, participating outside the rules given for the event, bulk registration, using registration account machines, or impersonating client machines) the user is involved in participating in activities that impede the fair use of other Fun Guide users participation, and/or any activity in violation of the purpose of the activity, Fun Guide and the organizers have the right to cancel the awards, qualifications, and participation, as well as any potential rewards or received gifts and benefits. If, through the result of these actions, there is a loss to the event organizers, then the event organizers have the right to pursue compensation.

8.3.3 For malicious registration, or for repeated refunds through the Fun Guide platform, Fun Guide will stop any further services, lock the account, and investigate the account for possible criminal activity.

8.3.4 Statement from Fun Guide merchants: Any deal or business promotion done within the Fun Guide platform is to promote the sale of goods, and to provide users with a more convenient service for you, the user.


9. Intellectual Property Rights

9.1 All intellectual property of Fun Guide includes, but is not limited to, databases, website design, text, graphics, software, photos, video, music, sounds, and combinations of the preceding; software compilation, the relevant source code and software (including applets and scripts), collectively referred to as the “Content”). Intellectual property rights are all owned by Fun Guide. Users cannot copy, change, send or use any of the mentioned material or content.

9.2 All right of the Fun Guide name (including the business reputation and trademarks) are owned by Fun Guide.

9.3 Upon the user’s acceptance of the Agreement, the user voluntarily agrees to be an active user of Fun Guides published forms, including but not limited to: the right of reproduction, distribution, rental, exhibition rights, performance rights, theatrical rights, broadcasting rights, information network transmission rights, filming rights, the right of adaptation, translation, compilation rights and other transferable rights which are enjoyed by the user courtesy of the copyright owner, Fun Guide, free of charge. All rights are exclusively assigned to Fun Guide, which retains the rights on any subject regarding any subject regarding infringement proceedings alone, and is entitled to all compensation. This protocol is in accordance with the “People’s Republic of China Copyright Law” 《中华人民共和国著作权法》listing in Article 25 of the written agreement, and in effect, protects the work(s) of Fun Guide, regardless of content before the formation of the signing of this agreement and present after this agreement is signed.

9.4 Users of the Fun Guide service(s) process may not use or dispose of the intellectual rights of Fun Guide or others. The user may not disseminate information published in Fun Guide or other authorized websites (and in the media) used in any form.

10. Customer Service

10.1 Fun Guide has a professional customer service team, established along with an improved customer service system, and guarantees from a technical, personnel, and institutional point of view smooth user inquiries and complaint channels, and to provide users with timely troubleshooting and feedback for complaints.

11. Amendments and Termination of the Agreement

11.1 Changes to the agreement

11.1.1 Fun Guide has the right to make changes to the existing agreement, and add other content and/or to provide updates to the Terms of Service and other operating rules herein. Any changes to the agreement will be announced in accordance with and a manner prescribed by law. As the user continues to use the service provided by Fun Guide, it is affirmed by the user that they agree to such changes, and if the user does not agree to the changes in the content of the agreement, the user reserves the right to cancel their account with Fun Guide, and/or to stop using the Fun Guide service.

11.2 Termination of the Agreement

11.2.1 Fun Guide is entitled pursuant to this agreement to cancel the account of the user, at which time this agreement is terminated.

11.2.2 Fun Guide is entitled to terminate all Fun Guide services, which, according to conventional law and procedures, will terminate this agreement with the user.

11.2.3 Upon termination of this agreement, the user will be unable to require of Fun Guide to continue to provide any of Fun Guide’s service(s) or to perform any other obligations, including but not limited to requiring Fun Guide to retain information regarding the user’s account, or to retain or release any read/unread messages of the user to the user or any third party.

11.2.4 Termination of this agreement does not affect either party to pursue grievances in regards to breaches of contract.

12. Breach of Contract

12.1 If Fun Guide or the user violates this Agreement, it shall constitute as a breach of the Agreement, and the defaulting party shall be liable for a breach to the observing party.

12.2 If the user is in violation of this agreement for purposes regarding resale transactions and other commercial transactions, Fun Guide has the right on behalf of the merchant to cancel the relevant transaction, to cancel the account and services for the Fun Guide user, and has the right to request compensation from punitive damages acquired from the user.

12.3 If, due to user-supplied information that is untrue, incomplete, and/or inaccurate, Fun Guide or the merchant(s) suffers a loss of business, Fun Guide has the right to request the user for loss compensation.

12.4 If, as a result of violation of any laws and regulations from the user of this agreement, or the use of illegal activities within Fun Guide services or the platform, the user is in breach of this agreement, Fun Guide has the right to terminate any and all activities of the account, cancel the account, and to claim compensation for losses caused by the user.

12.5 If the user has the technical means to interfere with Fun Guide’s service and/or platform, or interfere with other users’ application of the Fun Guide service, Fun Guide reserves the right to cancel the account of the user and to claim compensation for losses caused by the user.

12.6 If, through malicious content, libel or slander, the user causes impact to either Fun Guide or the merchant(s), Fun Guide will require the user to submit a public apology to either Fun Guide and/or the merchant(s), provide compensation for losses acquired due to the action(s) of the user, and reserve the right to terminate the Fun Guide user’s services.


13. Dispute Resolution

The user and Fun Guide agree to first resolve disputes through friendly consultation. If negotiations between the two parties fail, then either party has the right to submit the dispute or claim to the Beijing Arbitration Commission, based on the arbitration rules of the Commission.

14. Confirmation and Electronic Signature of Agreement

This agreement is agreed to, and in binding upon, the user agreeing on the Fun Guide registration page to register, and complete the registration process. The registration process takes effect when Fun Guide’s account and password are provided and confirmed by the user.